giovedì 10 dicembre 2009

La libertà d'espressione in un poster

Dal manifesto di Poster4Tomorrow (

“Freedom of expression, the simple freedom to say what you want, about whatever you want, is a right that most of us can enjoy without even thinking. Even more now that the internet has given us a forum for debate and criticism wider and more instant than ever before. Online, or offline, it’s possible to say anything without any form of consequence, and most of the time we come up with nothing more profound than: Your album sucks. England is a shithole. Berlusconi is corrupt. But in many other countries freedom of expression is a much more serious subject.
People are persecuted and imprisoned simply for daring to criticise their governments, calling for more democracy and press freedom, or exposing human rights abuses online. It’s just not right.
So on behalf of those who don’t enjoy the same freedom of expression that you do, we’d like to invite you to create a poster for a better tomorrow – where we can all say what we want, whenever we want.
Our hope with ‘Poster4Tomorrow’ is to spark a movement to inspire people to stand together against injustice across the world. A movement that will start next year and continue next year and every year until we change something. Because one poster is a start, hundreds, thousands will become a movement for a better tomorrow”.

Alla Triennale di Milano è possibile vedere fino al 20 dicembre la mostra itinerante che raccoglie le opere selezionate in un concorso a tema. Ma tutto è nato dopo le proteste in seguito alle elezioni presidenziali iraniane, con un unico obiettivo: ricordare che la libertà d’espressione è un diritto. Di tutti.

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